Nexus 6 P vs pixel 2 display, speed, fingerprint, Battery comparison


Let’s talk about pixel versus 2 phones about the Nexus 6P, I’m discussing about these two models, comparison of speed performance, and performance and fingerprint in this subject, as well as Battery drainage As these two models want to draw attention about comparisons, and their reviews, compare.

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Nexus 6 P vs Pixel 2 Screen Comparison:

The Nexus 6P is bigger and the Gigantic shape in the screen is the Nexus 6P screen size “5.7 inches”, and Pixel 2 is only “5 inch” screen. So it goes “Nexus 6P” with a plus point, so everything looks right in a bigger screen, watching video, picture, and reading on the website, everything is big.

Another big thing is that there is a bigger difference between display resolution pixels between both devices on Pixel II, the Nexus 6P and great screen resolution pixels “1440 x 2560 pixels,” is less screen pixels ” There is a small screen with 1080, x 1920 pixels. But one thing worth noteworthy here, the pixel 2 color screen looks quite lively and clear, but the Nexus 6P screen color is beautiful dump and boring, looks natural even in Pixel 2 looks natural mode.

Thickness comparison:

6P Deviec is slim, it’s 7.3mm thickness, and Google pixel has 7.8mm thickness, then 6P is more slimmer and pixel is larger than the other

Nexus 6 P vs Pixel 2 Hand Comparison:

Nexus 6P looks beautiful, and when you take this device in your hand, it will make you feel more comfortable because it holds more than pixel 2. Pixel 2 is good for small-sized people, due to its size, but its creator content is slightly slim and your hands don’t seem to be caught. Nexus 6P Pixel 2 Pixel 2 Vs, Nexus 6P, Pixel 2 Reviews, Nexus 6P Review, Pixel 2 Speed ​​Perfomance The good thing is that weighing only 148 grams in pixel 2, but the Nexus 6P is definitely heavy, it weighs 178 grams. So In case I use less weight, and a small screen size device, then I’ll look for Pixel 2 instead of the Nexus 6P.

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Nexus 6 P vs Pixel 2 Speed ​​Comparison:

The Nexus 6P is the old device, and its pixel 2, the pixel must definitely be faster than 2 to 6P, and In case you open the app, opening the app, opening the app, “Pixel 2” apps up and running faster than 6P Slowly than browsing the website quietly ☁ Nexus 6P CPU: Octa Core (4 × 01:55 GHz Cortex-A53 and 4 × 2.0 GHz Cortex-A57). Upgradeable for Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), Android 8.0 (OREO) Pixel 2 CPU: Octa-Core (4 × 2.35 GHz Crystal and 4 × 1.9 GHz Krio). Android 8.0 Pixel 2 has 4 GB RAM, where the Nexus 6P has 3 GB RAM, so of course, pixel wins 2 speed comparison.

Nexus 6 P vs Pixel 2 Battery Comparison:

The size of Nexus 6P is bigger, and has a bigger Battery, its Battery has 3450 mAh. Pixel2 has a small and small Battery, it’s 2700 mAh. But still, I’d prefer pixel 2 because the Nexus 6P Battery is pixel faster than drainage 2, so its mAh does not have much experience with both of your devices, you’ll prefer pixel second

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Fingerprint sensor:

Fingerprint sensor is slightly slower than pixel 2, you can keep both instruments in your hand, and unlock at the same time, you can easily decide “Pixel 2” is slightly faster than the Nexus 6P The reason is that, but this one big thing is not pixel 2, obviously its RAM should be faster than 6p, and should be the latest device. Sharing is caringSo, Share it on Social Media

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