You can easily download the Samsung Galaxy Stock Firmware with only 1 click, Samsung Galaxy Model with the stock firmware available from Samsung, just find your firmware from below and download it.

By downloading Samsung Galaxy Stock Firmware by flashing the Samsung device, you can easily solve many issues, such as the bootletop issue, the Samsung logo stack issue.

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Download Samsung Galaxy Stock Firmware:

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Firmware:

S8 Plus SM-G955FD
S8 Plus SM-G955U1
S8 Plus SM-G955W
S8 Plus SM-G955U
S8 Plus SM-G955N
S8 Plus SM-G955F

Samsung Galaxy S8 Duos Firmware:

S 8 Duos SM-G950 FD

Samsung Galaxy S8 Firmware:

S8 SM-G55900
S8 SM-G950W
S8 SM-G950U1
S8 SM-G950U
S8 SM-G950N
S8 SM-G950F

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Firmware:

S7 Edge SM-G 9 35V
S7 Edge SM-G935 P
S7 Edge SM-G 935F
S7 Edge SM-G935 FD
S7 Active SM-G8 9 1A
S7 Edge SM-G 935A
Samsung Galaxy S7 Firmware:
S7 SM-G930W8
S7 SM-G930V
S7 SM-G930P
S7 SM-G930F
S7 SM-G930

Samsung Galaxy S6 + Edge Firmware:

S6Ege Plus SM-G928T

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Firmware:

S6 Edge SM-G925V
S6 Edge SM-G925T
S6Ege Plus SM-G928G
S6Ege SM-G925I
S6-AG SM-G925F

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Firmware:

S6 Active SM-G890A
S6 SM-G920W8
S6 SM-G920L
S6 SM-G920P
S6 SM-G920i
S6 SM-G920F

Samsung Galaxy J7 Firmware:

J7 Pro SM-J730 GM
J7 Pro SM-J730G
J7 NX SM-J701F
J7 Prime SM-G610F
J7 Neo SM-J701 MT
J7 Max SM-G615F
J7 SM-J730FM
J7 SM-J710Mn
J7 (2016) SM-J710 FN
J7 SM-J710F
J7 SM-J700T
J7 SM-J700H
J7 SM-J 700 P
J7 SM-J700F
J5 Prime SM-G570M
J5 Prime SM-G570F

Samsung Galaxy J5 Firmware:

J5 SM-J530 GM
J5 SM-J530G
J5 SM-J530F
J5 SM-J510 GN
J5 SM-J510 FN
J5 SM-J500M
J5 SM-J500 H
J5 SM-J500F
J5 Pro SM-J530 Y

Samsung Galaxy J3 Firmware:

J3 SM-J220 R4
J3 SM-J220FN
J3 SM-J203Z
J3 SM-J 320 H

Samsung Galaxy J2 Firmware:

J2 Prime SM-G532M

J2 Prime SM-G532M
J2 SM-J 210 F
J2 SM-J 200H
J2 SM-J 200G
J2 Prime SM-G532G

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Samsung Galaxy J1 Firmware:

J1 Mini Prime SM-J 106 B
J1 Mini SM-J 105 B
J S Sm-J10H

Samsung Galaxy Grand Firmware:

Grand Prime Plus SM-G532F
Grand Prime Blanc SM-G530 FZ
Grand Prime SM-G531M
Grand Prime 4G SM-G531F
Grand Prime SM-G530W
Grand Prime SM-G530H
Grand Prime SM-G530 BT
Grand Prime SM-G530AZ
Grand Neo GT-I9060I
Grand Neo GT-Eye 9060
Grand Max SM-G 7202
Grand Max SM-G27200
Grand 2 SM-G7102
Grand duos GT-I 9 82

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Firmware:

Core prime sm-g 360 v
Core Prime SM-S820L
In case your device is missing Samsung Galaxy firmware, you can request us in the comment box, we will try to upload as soon as possible to come to us. Get back to Samsung Galaxy Bootloop and Logo Stuck to fix this issue.
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