How to reset alcatel shine to unlock patterns and passwords

How to reset hardcut shin lights to unlock patterns and passwords In case you’ve forgotten your pattern lock, password, or your mobile Alcatel troubles, many problems using the hard reset method, hard reset Alcatel is not a big thing can be solved, and following this simple method can be done. Let’s start the hard reset Alcatel: इट Turn off your LG Shine Lite by pressing the long power button, you’ll get a Pop-up on the screen, just tap “Power off”.

Oppo A37 Stock Firmware ROM (Flash File)

Step: Once switching, press “power button + volume up button” till Now, unless you see Alcatel logo on your mobile screen. Select your “Home Language” by pressing the power button.

Remember:Power button: Used for “selection” Volume up / down button: used to go to a point you want to choose After selecting the language you’ve the “Android Recovery” option, where you’ll be taken to press the “Volume Down” button, “Clear Data / Factory Reset” as shown in the (find below screenshot) with the blue strips Highlighted. Hard Reset Alcatel, Alcatel Shine Lite, Uncock Alcatel Shine Light Password, Pattern Lock Press the Power button to select “Wipe data / factory reset”.

DownloadTool v1728.31 GSM ANIL rar

To highlight the “Delete All User Data” option, press the Volume Down button, and press “Power button” on that option to apply.

Step: Wait a few seconds, until formatting is done, you’ll find the option, in which, the first one will be “reboot system now”, simply select the option that’s pressing the “power button” button, and select your Rebooting finished once the hard reset LG Shine Lite is done. Sharing is caringSo, Share it on Social Media

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