How to prepare your children’s knowledge in education and preschool
It seems that playing with academic knowledge sounds a little bit that your child will need to succeed in kindergarten. So why’s playing so important? This is a question, which is often overlooked by most parents. However, it’s great importance in preschool because it all creates the basis for learning.
Importance of Playing in Preschool:
Playing in preschool is very important because it provides the basis for learning. By giving you time to play and some basic toys for children, not only will they get the chance to learn a valuable, but unlock their creativity and imagination, develop their reading, thinking and problem solving skills. Playing in schools, helping children learn better and faster.
Compared to a child who regularly plays for a while, can catch things fast and learn better than the children who don’t play. This is called right. all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Playing keeps your child active and provides many educational benefits too.
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Language and vocabulary development:
Playing with other children helps your child learn new and better things. They can learn new languages, choose new words that they hear without feeling and use them to communicate. it’s very important to provide a good environment to your child, a child can learn the meaning of different words in different languages ​​and also learn the English language grammar structure.
You can use the following simple things and notice the educational benefits your child receives:
Playing with cars, trucks, animals etc. in vehicle and animal preschool will help children to know the names of each animal and vehicle. They will also learn what they do, how they work, where they live, what they eat, etc. This will help them gain a lot of knowledge.
In addition, they can also create different scenarios which the vehicle or animal can find for further and better language and vocabulary development.
Playing with dolls and dolls dolls will help your child remember what happens in everyday life and connects with it. You can hear your child speaking the same phrase or words that you said. They sometimes add their lines and stories too. It helps your child develop their ability to remember and connect.
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Imagery and creativity:
Playing gives your child the chance to develop their creativity. In this hi-tech society where technology is used for everything, people have less chance of thinking or making themselves. In such a situation, playing classes in preschool will help the children to become more imaginative and creative and help deal with things.
Children are difficult to entertain themselves without opportunities to play continuously, while children with open-ended opportunities can automatically adjust and get endless opportunities available.
dramatic play:
Preschools can organize different sections with some props such as empty food boxes, stuffed animal kits, doctor kits, etc. and can provide better creative opportunities. Your child will be taken along with these items to a different place and you’ll be surprised to see what he does while playing.
craft supplies:
This is another way to help children develop their imagination and creativity. Provide them with crayons, clothes or scraps of paper and allow them to make anything of their choice, see the interior artist emerging.
Preschool, children Islamic environment, sports in preschool, vocabulary development
Islamic activities for your children:
it’svery important to teach dua (prayer) to your children, teach them on the path, that it becomes a habit of reading dua to do any work.
Before sleeping, after waking up, before drinking, drinking, wearing, wearing suits, new suites, entering and how to make toilet, pray, and how to pray, how to start and finish prayer.
So that your children know all the necessary DUAs, and In case they’re 7 years old then practice praying, and In case they’re 12 years old, then force them to pray, and in the morning prayer Wake up, and teach them the Quran, and it will be excellent for you, In case you make your children a hafiz Quran, then it means remembering the Qur’an, so these Islamic activities will Can give beautiful flowers with fragrance in the face of their children.
It all depends on the activities of parents, how they help their children in a better environment, so that they become a good Muslim, and he knows how important Islam is in his life, verbally, Even with his action, he should know the importance of praying, pray, don’t cheat anyone, don’t abuse anyone, don’t give bad relations with the girl.
Make practice practice, follow this formula to give a peaceful and Islamic environment to your children.
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